April 26, 2012
Busy Day at 30 Rock

Do you know what day it is (probably, because it’s at the top of this post)?  It’s also 30 Rock Live day!  The show is going to air tonight at 8:30 so tune in mom readers!  

An added benefit of having the show filming here today is that the building is crawling with celebrities that I’m obsessed with.  The downside is that I haven’t seen many of them.  Yet.  I’m considering moving my office to the corner of an elevator to improve my odds.  HOWEVER, even with my poor celeb-radar, I did manage to see John Hamm today!  He is super famous for starring as Liz Lemon’s ex-boyfriend on the show on a little cable show called Mad Men.  Although it would be inappropriate for me to run up and ask to take a picture, it is not inappropriate for me to run to my desk and google image search him to ensure that it was him.  Since you couldn’t see the initial sighting, just imagine any of these pictures in a newsboy sort of hat and a pea coat.  

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